Instant Bone Broth

Bone Broth for all dogs and cats

Bone broth contains a plethora of nutrients that can be beneficial to pets. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals and is a good source of protein, glycine, collagen, and glucosamine. While It’s also hydrating, pets tend to like the flavor and find it easy on their tummies. 

It is an all natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting supplement. It also helps to reduce inflammation and pain caused due to arthritis and other joint health issues in pets, while improving the skin, fur and gut health.

While we mention these for our pets, its also human friendly and can derive the same benefits for hoomans too!


Why Instant Bone Broth?

Our Instant Bone Broth is made using the traditional recipe which dates back thousands of years in human history, Chicken Bones simmered in a pot of filtered water for 8-12 hours with a small amount of apple cider vinegar to ease the breaking down of hard bones.

Our Instant Bone Broth with Carrots, is made the same way, with carrots being added additionally to the pot.

Humans have been enjoying bone broth for thousands of years, and now your pets can too!

This special instant Bone Broth which takes 8-12 hours at all homes, can now be made just under 10 seconds! Go spoil your furry friend.


Most notably, it has been shown that bone broth:
1. Protects Joints
Joint health is important for all canines but is especially a concern for senior dogs, dogs who have previously suffered injuries, and breeds prone to certain ailments. Joint cartilage wears down with continual use and becomes damaged with time.
Bone broth is a fantastic source of collagen and gelatin. This protein helps form connective tissue and promotes joint health.
2. Detoxes the Liver
Livers can struggle to detoxify the body when battling all of the toxicity dogs are prone to consume. Dogs encounter things in everyday life that makes their liver work overtime: flooring cleaned and treated with chemicals, grass, and landscaping sprayed with poison, and other toxic compounds found in certain toys and treats
Livers only have a certain amount of the amino acid glycine; since bone broth contains glycine, it helps the liver get back on track.
3. Supports Gut Health and Digestion
The body’s intestines are lined with tiny holes that act as a passage for nutrients to pass throughout the body. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause these holes to open wider – a condition called leaky gut. When these holes widen, undigested food and toxins begin to enter the body, causing it to develop allergies and food sensitivities.
Bone broth contains gelatin which helps restore and protect the gut lining. This fights against leaky gut and improves digestion.

Bone broth is an excellent addition to a dog’s existing healthy diet and lifestyle.

Talk to your veterinarian before incorporating bone broth into a diet, if they’ve been diagnosed with conditions like kidney disease or cancer.

Did you know?

Study shows that dogs on Fresh dog food diet tend to live about 2.5 years longer than those on commercially available dry dog food?

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