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Doggos Fresh Food

Humans have been feeding dogs the leftovers for centuries and have now changed the routine by feeding them highly processed dry kibbles, all for the sake of convenience.

We introduce to you, Doggos. Based out of Bengaluru, we are a Fresh Dog Food company with a mission to give dogs the food they deserve, Fresh Food! Doggos Food is made keeping in mind every dog's nutritional and health needs without compromising on the convenience of commercial dog food.

There are certain things all beings are meant to eat, and for humans it's certainly not chewing on chips for their entire life. Likewise, Dogs have special needs in nutrition, food texture and taste.

Fresh food is the best source of nutrition which is naturally compatible with their bodies and hence, it stands way higher in terms of food recommendation for dogs. Nothing beats Fresh Food, literally.

The benefits of fresh dog food:
1. More energy
2. Shinier coats
3. Healthier skin

4. Fewer trips to the vet

Chicken Liver
Pumpkin (with Pumpkin Seeds)
Coriander Leaves
Turmeric Powder (one small pinch)
Sunflower Oil
Brown Rice
White Rice

One serving of Doggos is one complete nutritional meal for your baby. However, we always recommend to consult your vet for your dog’s nutritional needs.

Did you know?

Study shows that dogs on Fresh dog food diet tend to live about 2.5 years longer than those on commercially available dry dog food?

Access the study report

Meals start under ₹100

Month long supplies

Now get month long supplies, affordable and travel friendly.

Pack of 30 starts at ₹2950
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