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Extend your dog's lifespan with healthy food

Study has shown that dogs on a healthy balanced fresh food diet, live about 2.5 years more than those on commercially available dry dog food.

Look at the study

India's First: Instant Bone Broth

Everything at once.

Shiny coat, Healthy skin, Anti-aging, Gut health, Heart health, Stronger Joints, Improved cognitive skill, Detoxification, Faster recovery, Glucosamine rich, Calcium rich, Collagen rich, Food topper, Travel Friendly, Made instantly, All natural, No artificial preservative, No additives..


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  • Nanya, Snoop's pawrent

    I have been using your meal packs for my pupper for a while now and I just wanted to let you know my dog loves the food plus I am personally glad to, now, know that all packed dog food doesn’t need to smell almost bad and certainly not fresh, I was surprised to find that your food actually smells fresh and not ‘dog food like’!

  • Monish, Sheldon's pawrent

    I used to just reserve some packaged food for my child thinking that it'll be enough. Its only when I tried Doggos that I realized that he deserves the homely feel all the way around. His excitement and face after he's done wiping off the Doggos off his plate speaks volumes!

  • Rasika, Coco's pawrent

    OMG ! I was so happy to finally see him eat his heart full 😍 I never thought I would see this day 😍

    He is so bored of kibbles and we have to always find some unique way by adding an egg or some gravy or something to make him eat ! But he ate this meal with full enthusiasm!

  • Nandini, Angel's pawrent

    I have been giving Doggos Fresh Food on daily basis and many people are telling us that angel has lost weight and noticing that she's being energetic than before, and playful too .

    we are really happy to see her like this again.
    All thanks to the food you make!!
    Lots of love!

  • Harshita, Spiky's pawrent

    Food and Instant Bone Broth is amazing. My dog loves it.

    Specially bone broth, he is such a picky eater but i can mix the bone broth with anything and he loves it . Thanks a ton .

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