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Instant Bone Broth

We have developed India's first and only Instant Bone Broth powder that lets you make Bone broth anywhere in just under 10 seconds! Simply add 100ml water and serve.

Bonus: Our Instant Bone Broth are also food toppers! Now that's PAWSOME!

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Stock up with larger packs!

Larger boxes are our pet parents' favs! Takes away the hustle of re-ordering and easy to store!

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Treat 'em right with treats from Hopping Tails

Hopping Tails is a Mumbai based pet centric startup focused on dog and cat treats, and dry dog and cat food.

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Accesories for dogs, handmade by artisans! Collection by IndieGood

IndieGood is an Ahmedabad based fashion centric startup that focuses on making products hand-made, sustainably with artisans and local Indian tribes!

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Specially curated Combos!

Check out some of our specially curated combos to save more!

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Food your dog is mean to eat!

Study has shown that dogs on a healthy balanced fresh food diet, live about 2.5 years more than those on commercially available dry dog food.

Look at the study

India's First Instant Bone Broth!

Make Bone Broth anywhere in just under 10 seconds!

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